Midway Veterinary Hospital - 3236 South Highway 27 - Somerset, Kentucky 42501

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Contact Us Of Somerset, Kentucky Midway Veterinary Hospital

Fill our the form below to submit your request.Your request  will be immediately sent to a Midway Veterinary Hospital representative. If you don’t get a reply within two hours, please submit your request again, or (sorry) call the clinic and we’ll take care of you!

Need us to watch the pets? We’d be glad to! Save time by making your reservation online. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be expecting you!

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Boarding Reservation Request Form


Midway makes every effort to respond to electronic transmissions in a timely manner, but occasionally we are simply too busy to get back to you quickly.

We will try our absolute best to check emails hourly, but a reply may take longer.

If your needs must be met within a few hours, it may be better to simply call the hospital at

(606) 679-7319 with your request.

We appreciate your understanding.

Boarding Requirements
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*As indicated in the Midway Kennels Boarding Agreement, animals must be up to date on all vaccinations.

 If your pet does not have vaccine history on file with Midway Veterinary Hospital, please have proof of vaccinations from your vet available at the time of drop off.

 If proof of vaccines is not provided, the pet will be vaccinated by Veterinarians at Midway at the client’s expense.